In today’s cut-throat business world, it’s critical that your company establishesand increasescustomer loyalty and brand recognition. To this end, you may want to consider addingwhite label emails to your company’sarray of service offerings.

White-label email services are those run by vendors that allow you to customize the look and feel of their email software platform to match your brand. Once you’re satisfied with the finished product, you can then sell the branded email services to your own clients and customers. These email userstypically assumethat your company is the force behind the platform, which can provide some significant benefits.

Brand Recognition

White-label email services are an effective way to get yourcompany’s brand across all day every day when a client uses your branded email platform. Whenever a user logs in to the platform, they take in your company’s name, tagline or logo, signature colors, and more associated features. As a result, they perceive themselves to be working within your company’s environment, which subliminally leads them to strengthentheir relationship with your brand, values, and affiliated services and products.

Dependent Customers

Over time most customers become used to the email platform and services offered. From the methods by which they receive and send their emails to helpfulprompts and associated bells and whistles, they become familiar, comfortable and eventually dependent upon your branded product. Further, they may come to perceive you as an expert in the email services field, oftenimparting this information to others andgenerating more business for you.

Boosted Revenue

Once you’ve customizedthe vendor’s email software platform to match your brand, you can typically sell it to your clients and customers at a marked-up price. While this may not result in a greatamount of revenue with only a small number of customers, a largershare of the customer market could garner your company significant revenue over time. As previously noted, dependent customersareinstrumentalto your company because oftheir potential to refer your services to their associates and peers.


If you’re not sure that white label emails are the best option for your company and customers, private label email services may be an alternative avenue of exploration for you. These highly customized services are produced by vendors for exclusive rather than mass sale.While private label services typically come with a higher price tag than white label services, many vendors cite ease and affordability as a selling point. Other selling points include rapid deployment, spam protection, smartphone capability and web-based control centers. Just as white label services, private label services are focused on customer retention and increased revenue.

There’s a lot to think about when considering white-label email services as an addition to your company’s service offerings. Make sure you involve your service and management teams in the product research process. You might also want to reach out to vendors, partners and peers for relevant case studies and success stories—particularly those that featurewhite label emails implemented by acompanylike yours in terms of size, scale and industry.

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