If you are a newly formed editing company or a beginner freelance editor, then you must be confused about the difference between the two important streams in writing: editing and proofreading. You might not know which stream is appropriate for you. Both proofreading and editing services provide different types of results for writers. That is the reason many of the potential consumers should learn about these fields before proceeding.

What is editing?

Editing basically involves a proactive editor who is equipped with skills to make desired changes in a particular document. The suggestion with which he comes up and the amendments he makes improves the overall quality of the writing. His contribution is especially seen in the areas of the use of language and expression.

Once you have edited the documents, you will see that the language used in your document will become consistent and sharp. You will see that your document becomes more clear and readable to comprehend.

What is your role as an editor?

Editing is a field that requires ‘proofreading’ of the document. As an editor, you need to perform a spell check, and grammar check of the document. You have to eliminate any language errors that can be there in the document.  Editing is one such way that ensures that your writing offers the right impression to the reader and provides a smooth flow of the information.

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What is Proofreading?

As proofreading demands fewer skills or ambition as compared to editing. It is therefore regarded to be a cheaper service. Though it is an area that does not require specialized talent and skills, it still plays an important vital role when creating an impactful document.

Proofreading is the process by which you can easily correct surface errors that you might encounter while writing a document. These areas can be grammatical errors, spelling errors, punctuation errors and other types of language mistakes.

A professional editor is a very much accomplished proofreader who understands the rules of writing in English and the distinctions of the language. They are given extensive training to be methodical.

They’re through experience can help in identifying and eliminating the common forms of errors such as inconsistent terminology, formatting and spelling mistakes, that lowers the impact of a novel or a thesis.

Which qualities should you always look for in a candidate?

  • Should provide you quality writing as it could be the major difference in failure or success of an article
  • Uniqueness and genuine ness in the article
  • Clear writing
  • Explanation using real life scenarios
  • Easy to understand sentences and maintains a flow in the essay
  • Use of right formatting requirements and referencing style


Acquiring detailed information about both the fields will help clients to make the right decision whether you should go for an editing service or a proofreading service.

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