Marketing manager of every firm has the responsibility of managing and promoting business. Therefore, they need to work in accordance with trend and strategies. Video-marketing is one such area which is booming these days.

Every second businessman is using video marketing for maintaining brand name and promoting his/her products. This guide will brief you how using video-marketing can bring success to your business.

Why Video-Marketing?

Video may require you to put some funds initially. However, the benefits that a video can generate to your business are huge. A video helps to deliver information quickly that too in an easier format. Videos can deliver more information in short duration rather than articles and emails.

Less time-consuming nature of videos will ensure that more number of people get attracted to your page. Traffic generated by videos can be one of the best lead generation strategies. As per the survey it has been found that videos are about 53 times more productive than text articles.

Moreover, it has been mentioned by about 90% of the users that videos help in decision making. As per the study, it has been found that on average, a user spends around 15 minutes watching a social video every month. Out of these users, about 36% of people trust video ads.

Best Video Marketing Strategies

  • Publishing On YouTube

After Google, YouTube comes as the second largest search engine. Additionally, YouTube is one of the easiest platforms to achieve social signals. To achieve greater success, it is important to maintain your channel feel on regular basis. This will encourage your viewers to take subscription of your videos. Following are various types of videos that you can post on YouTube channel.

  1. Explainer Videos
  2. Getting Started Videos
  3. How-to Videos
  4. Product-Demo Videos
  5. Instructional Videos
  6. Interview Videos
  7. Webinars
  8. Real-time Videos
  9. Company Information based videos
  10. Company’s Event Videos
  • Putting Videos On Social Platforms

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat etc. have become powerful promotional tools. Today, it is imperative that all business firms have presence on social platforms to boost sales and drive brand awareness.

One of the easiest ways to standout from the crowd of competing companies is by leveraging paid ads on Facebook. Posting videos on Facebook can generate around 100% more engagement of people than average posts.

However, before posting the video, make sure that it is relevant, short and informative. Moreover, it’s important to ensure that you don’t put much information in video in one go that it becomes boring. As a social media manager, it’s your responsibility to target the right audience for lead generation.

For instance, if your company deals in beauty products, you should target middle or high income class. Targeting people belonging to low income group won’t work since such people won’t be able to purchase your products, even if they want to.

  • Sending Short Videos To Followers

As a social media manager, your focus shouldn’t only be on promoting your goods and services, but on engaging your followers too. For this, you can send short informative videos to your followers.

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