Many of history graduates must have been ridiculed for choosing this subject, as most people think that there are no enough career options available for any history degree holders. However, it is very important for the contemporary society to remember their past history, so that it can help them to shape their future by learning from the mistakes of the past.

Therefore, if you are qualified in this subject then do not underestimate your value as there are plenty of career options available for you. These days, it is not very uncommon to find advertisements with the caption of “history writers wanted on various forums as our environment, culture and future progress depends upon our past history. If you have an analytical minded then with the knowledge of past history you can find solutions to many different problems of present times very effectively.

Let us now talk about various career options that are available for degree holders of history.

  • Teaching and research

There are plenty of demands for history professors, lecturers and teachers in various universities, colleges and schools. Besides that, many universities offer research career for history graduates and post graduates to conduct research in any particular area.

  • Museums and libraries

There are plenty of jobs available for history professionals in museums and libraries where they are needed to preserve our heritage and archiving them.

  • Politics

Most of the politicians are responsible for shaping the future of their nation and therefore it is essential that they must be very well aware about their past history. If the political leaders do not know the right history of their nation then surely that country is going to doom in near future. History and politics are very much interrelated with each other and person with good knowledge about history can lead the country very well. Some of the great leaders of many countries were history graduates.

  • Media

People who are involved in journalism, TV or radio broadcasting must have good knowledge about history. There are plenty of demands for history graduates in these fields.

  • Business and commerce

People from any stream can join this field, but those with history background can always have an edge over others because of their knowledge on how various business and markets have evolved in the past so that it will help them to develop suitable strategy for the future.

  • Marketing, advertising and public relation

History graduates are usually good communicator and analytical too. Due to this trait, they can be very successful in these professions as they can easily take leadership position because of their knowledge of history.

  • Law

Although legal field is a different profession those who have past background of history can be very successful in the legal fields too. Their knowledge of history can solve various critical legal issues very effectively.

Thus, you can see that qualification in history is certainly not a liability for you, but gateway to many different career options. Now it is up to you how you exploit your qualification and shape your destiny.

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