Reloading is an important process which requires using specialized equipment. Though the reloading process is a time consuming one, it offers several advantages in comparison to buying factory made bullets. The main advantages include:

  • Reloading proves to be much cheaper than buying factory made bullets.
  • Reloading the bullets can improve the performance of the gun to a considerable extent.

Kinds of reloading kits and presses

The reloading presses primarily consist of 4 items, which include brass for holding items together, the primer, the powder and the bullet. The three main types of reloading kits and presses include:

Single stage reloading presses

This is the simplest reloading press and is commonly used in reloading rifles. It has a strong frame and various ram adjustments for fine tuning the reloading. Being easy to use, it is a preferred choice of beginners. The major disadvantage of these presses is that they are slow and the rounds completed are less. The dies also require a change each time the calibers are changed.

Turret press

The press top of turret presses is quite different from single stage reloading presses. These presses contain revolving turrets in which multiple dies can be installed. Once a die is installed, the turret automatically revolves to allow the next step to be performed.

While using turret presses, users are saved from the hassle of measuring powder. The operation of turret presses may prove to be complicated but the advantages outweigh the negative aspects. A turret press is easy to maintain and also affordable.

Progressive presses

These presses are most suitable for heavy loaders as loading can be done quickly. Progressive reloading presses involve multiple operations in a single pull. In the first stage, brass cases are de-primed and resized. For accepting the bullets, the cases are primed and the powder charged. In the second station, the cases are usually flared. In station three, the bullets are placed in brass cases manually and in station four, crimping of cases is done.

Factors to consider while choosing a reloading press

Buying a loading press is an important decision as it impacts the purchase of other parts and accessories. While buying a press, the following factors deserve attention:

Gun type

It is important to consider the kind of guns for which the reloading press is being purchased. For loading 30 -06 and 9mm guns, reloading presses which ensure quick loading of ammunition and are suitable for both long and short cartridges may be preferred.

Number of calibers

Loading calibers may involve the usage of suitable reloading dies and accessories like die bushings, die rings and others. Higher number of calibers may require more changeovers. It is hence advisable to select presses which take lesser time to reload.

Few other factors which may be considered while selecting reloading presses include:

  • The quantity of ammunition used.
  • Frequency of the loading sessions.
  • People who have more time to spare but little money may opt for lower quality equipment.
  • The consistency and tolerance level of the equipment.
  • Space considerations and future reloading plans.

Reloading is an important task. It is hence important to choose the right reloading press for different requirements.

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