Indian jewellery which is as old as the Indian civilization itself.Indian artisans fused the art of carving and enamel working in order to produce such delicate and intricate pieces of jewellery that are now representative of a heritage. Some of these articles will be elaborated below that are considered to exhibit the essence of Indus River Civilization as well as modern India. If you are looking for a traditional Indianaccessories through online jewellery shopping, then take into account the following articles.


Shinka is a hair ornament with its origin from Gujrat. It is unusual for women other then brides to wear it. Though quite archaic, it still is popular among certain communities. It is fairly heavy and has a complex design of hooks through which it is worn on the baseline of forehead. It is quite uncommon that’s why it may not be available at mostonline jewellery stores,you will probably have to look for it on stores that specializes in traditional jewellery.


It is another hair ornament that is specific for brides;the to-be wed bride wears it on her braidedhair. It is especiallydesignedto adorn the braids on the wedding day.Althoughit is uncommon to the point of being extinct.People, especially traditional Indian dancers adorn their hair with jadanagam, or in somecases, they substituteflowerin placeof jadanagam and weave them into braided hair.It is unlikely that you will find it at jewellery shops onlineso you are better off looking for it on antique jewellery shops that provide accessories and costume for dancers.


This hip ornament was originated from Bengal,it adds grace to its wearer and exhibit greater level of perfection. This article is worn on hip with a class that you can fasten behind your back. It is quite popular among young women so you can easily find it through online jewellery shopping India.


It is jewellery worn on arms and is observed only in parts of South Indian region. South India has many unique jewelleries that have religious as well as historical values and this armlet is one of them. It is unique due to its inverted V-design and it sets on the arm without any strain to the arm muscles. You can find this jewellery onlineat various shopping websites.

All of these jewelleries are made from pure gold with enameling in some of them. These ornaments are the most exquisite way in which you can familiarize yourself with Indian heritage. The above mentioned articles will cost you a lot but while jewellery online shopping, lowest pricecan be negotiated between the customer andmerchants. However, Online gold jewellery shopping India is not recommended because gold is a valuable and expensive metal, so you should visit the shop in order to make sure that any mishap does not occur.

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