People tend to underestimate how much work it takes to be a successful freelancer. They usually see the freedom involved in planning their own hours and think that freelancing is glamorous. However, they never see the sacrifice behind the freedom. This lack of recognition of the sacrifice is what makes most people fail at becoming successful freelancers. The following are some tips to ensure that you do not fail in your attempt at becoming an established freelancer.

  1. Have a business plan

Like with every profession, freelancing requires a business plan. Without a business plan, you are bound to fail, or waste a lot of time before you find the right path. Writing down a business plan will ensure that you critically think through all of the important issues that you need to consider.

In addition, you will be able to foresee some of the challenges that you may face as you begin your freelancing journey. This will give you many opportunities to brainstorm how you will solve these problems when they arrive, or even how to avoid them altogether.

2.  Always plan ahead

To be a successful freelancer, you need to learn how to plan your workdays ahead. You need to take at least an hour at the beginning of every workweek to plan how you will reach your deadlines, and ensure that all your work flows smoothly. This is very important if you have several ongoing projects for the week.

3.  Learn how to say no

A successful freelancer knows when to accept an offer, and when to reject it. If you do not have the time to take on a new client, then you need to be firm and say that you are currently unavailable. Your productivity will diminish if you are overwhelmed with ongoing projects. Poor quality or delay in delivery will destroy the relationship that you have built with your existing clientele.

4.  Create your own blog or website

Another key to a successful freelancing career is to have a website or blog. Having your website is the best way to attract new clients. A website or blog speaks volumes about your professionalism, and experience in your specific field of expertise. It is also a great way of advertising your services. Many clients scour the Internet looking for freelancers for their next projects, and they are more likely to find you if you have an established blog or website.

5.  Give incentives

Having a website may boost your visibility on the Internet, but sometimes it may not be enough. Give potential clients incentives to work with you. These incentives include offering free services to clients.

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