Water is one of earth’s most fascinating elements. When one thinks of water, one normally thinks of replenishment, hydration and nourishment. However, an abundant amount of water can cause significant damage. In domestic environments, water does not have to be surging but insistent. In cases where water damage is prevalent in homes and businesses, either due to damage over time or a sudden surge of damage because of flooding, immediate fixes may be required. Water damage remediation in Roswell is an option for places that have experienced these issues.

Types of Domestic Water Damage

Domestic water damage falls into two broad categories: those immediately affected by the water and those that come as the water is drying. Damage can be caused by insistent drips from leaky pipes or from gushing water due to flooding. The immediate damage that can be done can include damage to equipment and furnishings. The damage could be electrical damage; it could also entail furnishings such as saturated carpets and padding. When these items are wet, they cannot be used until they are dried. In cases such as these, water remediation companies like those in Roswell are helpful as they can facilitate the drying process.

Water damage that occurs as water is drying can cause separate issues, and unfortunately, many of these types of damage can only be detected once the drying process begins and afterward over time. One type of damage is that of rot. Rot occurs when structures are weakened. It can occur in both wood and fabric. Rotting wood often softens and becomes more porous and less stable. Rotting fabric will often become more brittle. Other damage that can occur after water has been remediated is rust. Rust occurs when oxygen hits metal and creates a film over it. Finally, mold and mildew is another type of damage that can occur. This damage is often tricky because it happens in places that are dark and not necessarily visible, such as between walls or in the padding of a floor’s carpeting. One giveaway that mold or mildew is present is by smell. Enclosed spaces where mold is present will start to have a musty odor that lingers. That is why it is important to schedule water damage remediation in Roswell for at the least two or more sessions, so that trained technicians can come assess and repair the damage.

Types of Water Remediation

Effective water remediation in Roswell and in other regions uses several methods for reducing and eliminating water damage, depending on the scenario. Some scenarios may require only one method, while more complicated methods may need several levels of remediation equipment. For instance, a room that has been flooded has to have excess water removed using a wet vacuum, then employing fans for a drying process, then applying spray to prevent mold growth.

Having water damage is not just a one-time treatment. In many cases, it is difficult to assess water damage when things are still wet. Doing careful follow-up when water damage occurs is the key to making sure that problems do not arise in the future.

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