The innovative new pool security fence is a result of hard work, dedication and fantastic engineering. Unlike the other pool fencing which needs holes to be punched in the deck, the no holes pool fence can be fixed without them.

Right from grandparents and parents, who wish to keep their kids safe near the pool to pool owners and landlords who wish to keep their deck hole free, the no hole pool fencing is a sure need.

The no holes fence assures that kids below the age of 5 are away from the pool, just like any other pool fencing. The only difference that lies here is that the no holes fence is removable and can be removed as and when desired. It is surely one of the biggest advantages for those who do not always desire fence around their pool.

Installation of the no holes fence pool

The major two parts of this fence comprise of the base and fence. In order to go for do it yourself pool fence installation, you just have connect the base to each other and fill them completely with water. It is weight of the water that keeps the fence safely in place. Every base filled with water roughly weights around 65 pounds. Once you connect them, the combined weight with the fence makes them extremely strong and heavy.

Why no holes pool fence is best?

You have a lot of temporary fence solution which create the need of holes to be sucked around the pool. Only then you could make it a secure place. While it does give you a strong fencing and the capability to remove the fencing as and when needed, but unluckily, you are left with holes in the ground when fencing isn’t around. It gives an unattractive look to the area.

With the no holes pool fence, you can get rid of holes and have a cleaner solution when it comes to removing the fence. In comparison to the permanent solution, temporary fencing is leisure and fun. It gives you safety, a clearer pool area and freedom to remove and tuck in as per your command. The best thing is that you can do it yourself.

It is portable and surely doesn’t require any kind of drilling in the ground, so you no longer have to manage the cost of putting and maintaining a hefty permanent fencing.

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