Every child wishes for a pony at some point in his or her life, but not many parents cave. They should! Horses are not just fun and “cute,” but learning to ride actually has proven health benefits—both emotional and physical. If you’re on the fence about getting your child a horse, that’s understandable—horses are a big responsibility. However, equestrian schools such as Wasatch Academy in Utah can teach your child everything they need to know about horseback riding, and on a borrowed horse. Horse ownership is not possible for everyone, but horseback riding is. And here is why:

Establish Lifelong Friendships 

Not only does riding help your child establish an unlikely friendship with the horse itself, but equestrian boarding schools in the USA are attended by children whose parents want the same thing as you do for your child: growth and development. At these schools, your child will have the opportunity to make friends with like-minded individuals, who will be apt to grow into the type of confident and disciplined young adults that you want your child to be friends with.

Improve Physical and Mental Well-Being

Any type of sport is great for a child’s physical and emotional health, and horseback riding isn’t any different. Childhood obesity is on the rise, which not only contributes to health complications in adulthood, but also, it contributes to mental health issues in the future. If you want to ensure the healthiest possible future for your child, introduce them to horseback riding by enrolling them in one of Utah’s premier equestrian programs. The physical advantages are unparalleled, and the fresh air will keep them active and happy

Increase Their Confidence

Children who actively partake in sports are much more confident than their non-sport playing peers. This is because sports challenge young people to push themselves to their physical and mental limits—and when they succeed, they experience a type of pride that simply cannot be obtained through good grades and praise. Horseback riding is especially great for boosting confidence, as horses are much larger than any child. When a child successfully climbs onto the back of a mare or stallion and can tame it to the point where the horse does as the child says, their confidence will grow and they will be encouraged to attempt bigger and more difficult challenges.

The benefits of horseback riding are plentiful, so if you want to see your child grow into a confident and healthy adult, enroll them in one of Utah’s equestrian schools today!

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