If you have young children and are coming to visit Atlanta, you may be wondering about what there is to do. Thankfully, the city’s diversity of fun activities makes it easy to find things to do in Atlanta with kids.No matter what your kids like to do, there are plenty of things to do in Atlanta this weekend to satisfy any interest.

Explore the Fernbank Museum of Natural History

The Fernbank Museum is a fantastic stop for a fun day activity with kids. Before entering the museum, you will walk by Dinosaur Plaza, an outdoor space featuring a beautiful fountain and three bronze dinosaurs. The trees and flowers surrounding Dinosaur Plaza make it a comfortable place to sit and relax before beginning your exploration of the museum.

After walking through the front door, you will see the museum’s Great Hall, featuring an exhibit any kid could love: Giants of the Mesozoic. That’s right, more dinosaurs. Dominating the scene are Argentinosaurus, a 123-foot-long plant-eater and Giganotosaurus, a 47-foot-long carnivorous dinosaur. Your kids can walk right up to the dinosaurs and see their enormous bones.

Of course, the Fernbank is not all about dinosaurs. Permanent exhibitions include displays about the natural history of Georgia, modern cultures from around the world, human senses and many others. The exhibits are designed with kids in mind and you can find something fun for children of all ages.

Visit the Petting Zoo at Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is one of the city’s best attractions for children. Start in the petting zoo, where children can touch and brush live goats and sheep. Next, hop on the Zoo Train, which takes kids and their parents in a short loop through the town of Critter Crossing. At some point in the day, try out a Wild Encounter where you can get behind the scenes with some of the wild animals in the zoo like tortoises, lions, pandas, and more. The zoo also offers free family-friendly wildlife presentations and keeper talks where you can learn all about the animals in the zoo. Of course, you will certainly want to take the time to walk through the zoo at your own pace and see whatever animals your kids are most excited about. With so many options to choose from, Zoo Atlanta is one of the best things to do in Atlanta with kids.

Explore the Treetops at TreeTop Adventure

Located within Callaway Gardens, TreeTop Adventure includes aerial obstacle courses and zip lines in the upper reaches of the trees. This is an exciting activity for older children who are at least 54 inches tall. The cost of the adventure includes a safety briefing where you and your children are taught how to use the safety equipment properly and how to stay safe in the high obstacle courses.While climbing through the trees, you will learn about the history of the area and the beautiful plants and wildlife of Callaway Gardens.

As you can see, there are lots of options for things to do in Atlanta with kids. Checking out the Fernbank Museum, Zoo Atlanta, or TreeTop Adventure are all fantastic options for a fun way to spend the weekend.

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