Transportation engineers think about portable roadways; you might not. That is until you’re faced with the need to have one, and this is where swamp mats come in. These mats are large enough and strong enough to support the weight of heavy vehicles, and they come in handy in many instances. In fact, many people build long-term access roads using mats. Here are three instances where you will find temporary/semi-permanent roadways built from portable slabs.

Construction Project Sites

Construction sites are tricky. Even the work is being done on stable ground equipment must have free movement throughout the project site. In some cases, it isn’t the ground that is uneven but the work being performed that makes it uneven. When laying foundation and underground plumbing and utilities, your construction project quickly becomes a hazardous place where people and equipment face many dangers. Build portable roadways over the open spaces or to even out unsteady land to prevent potential disaster and project delays.

Fire Routes

It would be nice if fires only occurred in places where the fire department has quick and easy access to get there and put it out. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. When heading up into the mountains and forests, fire vehicles need access roads to get to the remote locations, as when dried out, these areas become the perfect fuel for a major fire. Many counties build portable roadways so emergency vehicles can get to the hard-to-reach places and do what they do best: put out fires and save people. When driving in the mountains look to side briefly, chances are you’ll see a temporary fire road.

Rural Access

Rural isn’t limited to mountains and forests. Part of what makes the United States so special is its rural lands. Many people prefer living in the peace and quiet of the middle of nowhere as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the big city, and there are times when they need help just like everyone else does. Temporary roads are often built because the counties see no need in spending the money to put paved road access down for rural areas. Many people rely on mats to build these roads so they can get to and from their homes easily, and so emergency vehicles can get to them when necessary.

These are just few uses for portable roadways. If you are facing the need to build one, work with a vendor of crane mats to rent or purchase the materials you need to create a safe and effective driving zone.

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