Prostate cancer affects one in seven men at some point in their life. Like all cancers, prostate cancer has the potential to kill. Despite it being a real threat, many men don’t like to talk about or even think about prostate cancer because it’s embarrassing or weird. But, a disease so serious should never be ignored and neither should its symptoms. If you know the signs of prostate cancer and have them checked out when they appear, you could save yourself from a terrible disease.


Changes in urination are often caused by a urinary tract infection. But, these symptoms can also be signs of prostate cancer. Bloody urine is one such sign. Your urine only contains blood when there’s a problem in that area of your body. Urination should not be painful, not even if you hold it. Urine should flow in a somewhat steady stream. A weak stream can be an early sign of prostate cancer. Urinating frequently can be a sign that something is wrong, especially when occurring with other symptoms like weak urine. Other problems urinating, including not being able to hold urine in, can also be a cause for worry. The occurrence of any of these symptoms should be checked out by a doctor.

Erections and Ejaculation

Blood in your semen is as serious as blood in your urine. During the production and release of semen, it should never come in contact with any blood. The presence of blood means something is very wrong. But, you may never have the symptom of bloody semen due to the interference of other symptoms. Difficulty ejaculating or a significant change in the amount of ejaculate fluid are also symptoms of prostate cancer. Difficulty getting an erection is yet another symptom.


Pain in the groin and surrounding areas is another symptom of prostate cancer. Pain in the genitals or pelvis should definitely be taken seriously and checked out by a doctor. Some pain may not seem related to the prostate or groin area at all. Pain in the thighs and lower back could also possibly be a sign of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is a serious disease. But, like other cancers that occur around the groin area, it’s sometimes ignored because it’s an uncomfortable subject. The signs of prostate cancer are serious and should never be ignored. Having an “embarrassing” conversation with your doctor and catching prostate cancer early is worth it if it potentially saves your life.

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