There’s a lot of variation among endpoint security products. You can judge them based on any number of criteria, but the best endpoint security solutionwill have the tools you need to achieve your security goals regardless of your industry. Winning solutions will also be able to integrate into existing systems in order to accommodate innovation at any level of enterprise and in many configurations.

Multiple Roles

Endpoint security products benefit different professionals in different ways. Everyone’s specific goal is different, but the overall ideal of protected data and reduced a risk is usually the same whether you’re a consultant or an in-house security professional. A compliance specialist might value the start-to-finish data integrity monitoring provided by a robust endpoint security solution. An overhead view of activity enterprise-wide wouldassist in presenting critical information during regulatory auditing or certification procedures. A datacenter manager might want a full protection suite able to lock down assets and control change. The best endpoint security has something for everyone in your company who is invested in protecting critical data.

Cross-Industry Protection

Many industries use nearly identical tools and frameworks to contain or transmit data. The only difference is usually the amount of resources committed to various aspects of information technology infrastructures, such as security or data storage. This means that an ideal solution for a financial organization might be the same is the best choice for a retail company. It’s just a question of scale and implementation.

Financial institutions, for example, face constant threat of data breach. Locking down endpoints and maintaining surveillance and control over network communications gives you all the answers you need when it comes time to figure out how to identify and prevent risk. Banks or investment brokers might be able to lock down endpoints by reducing the amount of devices authorized and only allowing access from certain physical locations, but retail organizations don’t usually have that option. It’s critical to many customer experiences that a retailer has an omni-channel access structure, but this creates security vulnerabilities. Endpoint security products that can be distributed to different operating systems and hardware configurations is essential in this situation in order to control and protect important data.

Why do stores use the same security technology as banks? High adaptability in endpoint control means that as business needs change and demands develop for other protections, the solution will remain relevant and effective with relatively simple reconfigurations.


Sometimes the best endpoint security for your organization is the one that you can customize to your exact specifications. Security industry leaders tend to offer accessible API toolkits for organizations that want to leverage specific technologies in the creation of their own proprietary products and services. This is invaluable for independent security companies who are looking to build upon trusted and proven products to offer innovative solutions. The applications can range from to resources for companies that want homegrown security systems to capital for startups in security automation or threat intelligence. Even enterprise-level organizations can leverage established endpoint security products by pulling in functions or pushing out data.

In conclusion, open API structures and robust feature sets are the first things you should look for. There’s a product out there for every role in every industry. Even IT security companies can find a critical partner in an endpoint security provider.

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