Becoming a securities representative can be one of the most rewarding and financially lucrative career paths to pursue. However, to ensure that the brightest rise to the top, FINRA requires that all representatives pass the series 7 exam with a 72% before they begin selling securities and annuities. To be successful, investing in a quality preparation course, with many series 7 practice questions will a go a long way towards ensuring success on the exam. That’s not all you can do, here are tips to ensure the highest score possible.

Give It a Rest

Every year, millions of students are advised not to cram the night before their test, and every year, too many disregard this advice in favor of an extended cram session. Don’t be one of them. The fact remains that cramming doesn’t work, you won’t be able to retain the information nearly as well compared to studying daily, for shorter periods of time. You will be much better off if you allow yourself a nice long night of sleep before taking the exam.


Much like a good investment portfolio, you should be sure to use as many different study methods to ensure that you can retain the information. This is especially important during the early stages of studying, as it not always obvious what type of learner you are, and as such you should experiment to learn how you can best retain the information while you study. When you get closer to the exam, you can begin to focus more on the methods that work best for you, but it is important to diversified, with textbooks, video, live sessions, and other methods.

The Most Important Meal

Like the above point about sleep, make sure to eat a reasonable breakfast on the morning of the exam. It can be easy to skip out on a good morning meal, but doing so will only lead to a tougher time when you have the test in front of you. You don’t need to have anything fancy, just some amount of (preferably healthy) food to help with focus during the exam.

If you want to unlock your potential as a securities representative, getting licensed will be one of the most important acts you can undertake. By Studying effectively, and working on series 7 practice questions, while also focusing on your sleep and diet the day of the exam, you can increase your chances of passing dramatically.

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