Does your home insurance in Florida also have flood coverage? Don’t wait until your home floods to find out! The expenses associated with repairing and replacing your home, appliances, furniture, cookware, computer equipment, clothes and other personal belongings can quickly add up, so it’s no surprise that the average flood insurance claim is about $30,000. If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t have that sort of money just lying around, so you can’t afford to take risks. Here’s what you need to know about adding flood coverage to your home insurance policy.

Many Home Insurances Policies Don’t Include Coverage for Flooding

 Many people assume that flood insurance is packaged in with theirhome insurance in Florida, and that’s one of the biggest mistakes one can make. The standard for most insurance companies in the industry is to offer flood coverage as a separate policy. However, many homeowners don’t bother to check their policies and simply assume that they’re covered. The result is a nasty surprise when they try to make a claim for a flooded home, only to find that their insurance will not pay for the damage.

Several Factors Affect Your Risk

Although every homeowner in the United States technically lives in a flood zone, the degree of risk is partially determined by the area in which you reside. For residents who already have home insurance in Florida, they’re already familiar with the typical weather issues that come with living in a coastal area. However, hurricanes and extremely high tides aren’t the only potential causes of flooding. In addition, the state’s terrain relatively flat terrain leads to a greater risk for water accumulation with heavy rains or rising river levels.

Moreover, one should consider the potential consequences of climate change. Despite current political attitudes, the scientific evidence of global warmingmay give you another reason to add a flood policy to your home insurance in Florida. The Sun-Sentinel in July 2015 cited a Risky Business Project report on climate risks in the Southeastern U.S., which specifically warned that more high tides, storm surges and sea level increases are in the immediate future. The increased rate of melting for large areas of land-based ice, as well as the thermal expansion of the oceans, directly contribute to average ocean level rises of one eighth on an inch per year. With Florida’s naturally flat land mass, the potential effects could be devastating for many property owners.

Don’t Wait: Get Coverage Now

When you’re already dealing with the logistical and emotional fallout from flood damage to your home, you don’t also need a hefty price tag to put your life back together. That’s why you need to check to see if your home insurance in Florida includes flood coverage. Do it now, before it’s too late, and be sure to find a provider that specializes in Florida insurance policies if you don’t already have one. A locally based company will have a unique understanding of the risks you face, and will be able to recommend a sound strategy that ensures you’re prepared and that fits in with your budget.

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