Women across the globe are just mad behind jewellery regardless of their age groups. After all, women and jewellery are deeply connected and often the first love of most of women. In India, jewellery has much more significance and is considered auspicious for the Indian women. Even the poor women are likely to have their own set of jewellery.

Even in this modern age, jewellery is said to be connected with power, wealth, and status. You will find a wide range of wedding jewellery and even other forms of jewellery across the states of India. While some form of jewellery may be popular in one state, it may not be as popular in different state. So here, let us explore some of the best forms of jewellery that are popular in different states of India.

Charming Jewellery of Rajasthan

Rajasthani jewellery is very famous among Indian these days. In fact, while looking for wedding jewellery online, most of Indian women prefer Rajasthani form of jewellery more due to its royal and vibrant design. This form of jewellery is reflection of age-old customs as well as traditional wear. They even reflect innovative aesthetic sense and creativity of Indian craftsmen and jewellers.

Even the Lac bangles are worn in the sets of odd number on each of the hand. They are available in a wide variety of design and style. In this kind of jewellery, different forms of gems including sapphire, pearl, diamond, emerald, etc are embedded in the melted gold as a centre stone to offer it an awesome design and look.

Stunning jewellery of Maharashtra

Jewellery of Maharashtra is well known across India for its uniqueness and great charm. Know more about different pieces of jewellery in the following section.

  • “Nath” is nose ring having embedded pearls in it and has a white or pink stone in middle. These are very popular and often categorized in the list of best wedding rings.
  • “Vaki” is armband that is crafted with 23-carat gold wire that is embellished with stones.
  • “Mohan mala” is elegant and simple piece of jewellery that consist of round gold beads that are stringed beautifully in 2-3 layers.
  • “Mangalsutra” is traditional strands of gold and black beads that are worn mostly by married women.
  • “Ambada Veni Phool” is one of the hair ornaments made mostly in 22-carat gold and worn on hair bun of Marathi bride.

Jewellery of Jammu Kashmir

Women of Jammu and Kashmir are popular for their beauty across India. It is famous for its minute worked and design. Most of the ornaments in Kashmir are made up of silver and gold. It has a very unique style that is very difficult to copy and jewellery making technique is traditional and old.

Women in Jammu and Kashmir mostly wear large circular rings that are termed as kundalas and large anklets termed as nupura. “Gunus” is thick bangle of silver and solid gold with lion or snake head at two ends.

These are the most magnificent and beautiful jewelleries that that adds ultimate beauty and elegance to Indian women. Make sure to buy authentic jewellery of these states from the best online jewellery stores!

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