The quality and durability of wooden windows can be increased with the use of aluminium cladding. Timber windows have a longer lifespan and are sustainable in most of the extreme climatic conditions. Aluminium cladding is an external material that can be used along with timber windows and adds a modern looking appeal to them.

When a timber window is well-maintained, they do not require any kind of special attention or treatment upto 5-10 years. Aluminium clads are available in broader range of finishes and colors. They are also available for traditional looking homes, retaining the classic look of these homes.

 Benefits of aluminium cladding on wooden windows

  1. Aluminium clads prevent corroding and decay of wood.
  2. They also resist the wooden windows from chalking and pitting.
  3. You can find aluminium clad windows in fixed as well as customized designs.
  4. They can also be used for replacement and new wooden windows.
  5. They are easy to clean and maintain.
  6. They make the windows tilt easily and you can clean hard to reach areas.
  7. There are umpteen options for finishes and designs of aluminium clads.
  8. They come with warranty and last longer.
  9. When buying wooden windows go for aluminium cladding as it is maintenance free.
  10. They provide a strong protection for your windows.
  11. Wooden windows with no cladding can get rotten over time easily.
  12. Various types of cladding is available for wooden windows.
  13. Since, wooden windows are not prone to rust, they can withstand extreme conditions.
  14. This is one way to save money on maintenance and treatment of wooden windows.
  15. They are eco-friendly and have higher thermal insulating properties.
  16. Aluminium cladding is ideally suited for casement windows.

You don’t have to paint your windows with aluminium cladding

This is one of the biggest advantages of using aluminium cladding on wooden windows. They make wooden windows last a lifetime. You don’t have to worry about treating your wooden windows with varnishes, termiticides, or paint. You can choose from the Langų gama, UAB  wooden windows for longer durability and aesthetic sense.

Choose an aluminium cladding style based on the architectural style of the building. Choose whether you want an inward or an outward opening of windows. The sash window designs are based on these properties. When you go for the customized options you can check if you need left opening or right opening. You can get an entire range of windows designed in different dimensions and casings based on the style you need.

Aluminium cladding is corrosion free

Though, aluminium is metallic in nature, when used along with wooden windows, it makes them corrosion free and provide higher level of insulation. They are lightweight and provide protection from harmful UV rays. They can be easily integrated with wood and are available at an affordable price.


This is one of the most flexible materials that are used in installation of wooden windows because they can be easily molded in creative shapes and designs. They are eco-friendly and biodegradable. No harm is caused to the environment during the manufacturing process.

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