Natural disasters and dangerous storms can strike at a moment’s notice leaving behind not only devastation, but also many homes without power. Having a generator can provide the necessary electricity you need should the power be out for a while. Some generators can even run for several weeks straight. So, how do you go about choosing Bryant, AR home generators? There are several tips that can help you find the ideal generator to use at your home.


One of the first steps in purchasing Bryant home generatorsis to decide what type of generator you are looking for. You can choose betweeneither a stationary or portable generator. A stationary generator is typically more expensive than its portable counterpart and requires professional installation. The average cost ranges from five to ten thousand dollars depending on what company you purchase the generator from.

One benefit to the stationary model is that it will automatically come on when the power goes out, which makes it more convenient for you. This kind will also run periodic tests and will alert you when maintenance is needed. When it comes to fuel you can choose between natural gas and propane. Both of these types of gas store safely and efficiently.


Using a portable generator means that you will be able to easily transport it around. The cost for these generators ranges from several hundred to a thousand dollars should you decide to look for home generators in the Bryant, AR area. These generators usually run on gasoline or propane. If you plan on using gasoline, make sure you use a stabilizer to store it safely. Another important piece of information is that you must be at least fifteen feet away from your house, windows or doors and not in an enclosed space. Safety is key.

Transfer Switch

Having a transfer switch is important. It will help prevent appliances from frying and in turn prevent the generator from becoming damaged. Make sure you have a professional install the transfer switch for safety reasons. If you have a portable generator you will have to connect it first whereas the stationary transfer switch will automatically come on.

Having a generator can come in handy when an unexpected storm or power outage occurs. When you are looking for generators in the Bryant, AR area be sure you have an idea of what type you would like. Don’t forget that you will need a transfer switch in order to operate the generator smoothly without causing damage to any appliances or circuits.

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