Does your business have a brand? Does your customer recognize your brand? If you answered anything but an unequivocal yes! to either of these questions, you need to develop your brand value proposition.

What Is Brand Value?

First you must understand business branding. Think of your favorite soda or dish detergent. When you’re shopping, you recognize that product on the shelf by color, logo, name, and label configuration. That’s all a part of their “branding”. If your product or service is not immediately recognizable to your customer’s in this way, it’s time for a brand value proposition.

What Is a Brand Value Proposition?

Your neighbor Jim comes to you and says “I have a proposition for you!”  He then goes on to make you a deal, let’s say, that for an hour of your time, he will buy you a case of beer. “Hmm…” you think. That has value for me! Your customers are no different – they buy for value, whatever that means to them. Your brand value proposition should clearly state to your customer why they should buy from you – why your product will best suit their needs better than anyone else’s. For this to be successful, you need to know your customers inside and out, and have a thorough understanding of your company’s mission, vision and goals. With the proper professional guidance, your customer’s will quickly visualize your brand whenever they need your product or service.

What Does It Take for a Winning Proposition?

If you don’t know your market, you won’t sell your goods or service. For any proposition to be successful, you need to understand what drives your customer. Take the previous example of neighbor Jim. He knows that you like beer. Had his proposition been based on a case of tea, you probably would not have been motivated to accept his offer. Knowing what your customer wants takes some digging and while it may sound simple, asking the right questions is not as easy as you might think. To give you the most useable information, you need a professional team like the one you would find at Decisionlink. With your help, they will develop a winning company value proposition that will be taking you to the bank with an ever-expanding customer base.

You’ve invested untold time, money and energy into making your business run. Making it a home run every day, every time, with every customer is every business owner’s goal. Get on the right track with a professionally developed company value proposition and there is no limit to the success you’ll achieve!


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