The decision to hire a thesis writer is something that needs to be taken carefully. If you hurry the process of hiring a thesis writer, you will most likely end up with a scam essay writing service provider.

Students who don’t wish to lose their money and time by investing money on a poor quality essay writing service provider should have a checklist for hiring a professional thesis writer. This checklist will help you to find a trustworthy thesis writing service provider whom you can hire without any doubt.

Checklist for Hiring a Professional Thesis Writer

  • Qualification of Thesis Writer – The most important point to check before you hire the service of a thesis writer is the qualification of the writer. A thesis is a long assignment that needs excellent researching and writing skills. It is not an assignment that can be written by anyone. Before hiring the thesis writer, it is the responsibility of a student to make sure the writer is a qualified person with a Masters or a PhD degree and has exceptional researching skills. He or she should have years of experience in preparing a thesis. Without proper experience, it is not possible to prepare a top rated thesis that can get you good grades.
  • Experience of the Essay Writing Service Provider – Another point the student needs to check before hiring the service of a thesis writing service provider is the overall experience of the essay writing agency. If you search for an essay writing service provider online, you will find thousands of essay writing service providers with most of them having very less or no experience at all. It is not safe to hire someone with less experience as you cannot trust their service and the quality of writing. Students should always hire an experienced essay writing service provider who has years of experience in delivering high quality thesis.
  • Feedback Gathering – It is essential to collect as much feedback of your essay writing service provider as possible before you hire their service. Before hiring the service, it is good to read testimonials and online reviews and ask the opinion of your friends and family members who have used essay writing services. Scheduling a meeting and discussing your questions/concerns with the essay writing service provider also helps in taking a good decision.
  • Guarantee – A professional essay writing service provider will offer guarantee for their work and will make sure you get free revisions till you are 100% satisfied with the quality of the thesis assignment. Therefore, a student needs to check for those agencies that provide full guarantee for their work.
  • Cost – The final checklist for hiring the service of a professional essay writer is the cost. You need to check the cost of the service before hiring the service. There are a few essay writing agencies that are only interested in making money. Therefore, you need to make sure, the cost of the assignment is clearly stated in their website and is in par with the market standard.


Hiring the service of a thesis writer is a challenging task and the above checklist will make your hiring process much easier. is an experienced thesis writing service provider with years of experience in preparing top quality thesis.

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