Casting offices are one of the ways for new aspiring actors and artists to get career opportunities to exhibit their talent and make new connections. It is really helpful for those who have just entered into the field of acting and want to make a prosperous career in this field. There are several actor workshops that are into building the career of fresh talent. However, before you choose one, you need to learn certain important things about it.

Learn about the terminologies

Before you start with an acting workshop, you need to understand the working language. There are a few terminologies that one should very well understand. These are pre-read, a producer’s session and casting on tape.

  • Pre-reads are basically what you will have to deal with, as a fresh face in the industry. There may be a possibility that a casting director pre-screens you as they do not see any familiarity with your talent as well as looks. Pre-reads are performed with only the casting director. They are not even recorded. They act as a key in placing you in the mind of the casting director for future projects.
  • Casting “on tape” is when an artist goes to conduct an audition. Casting associate and director put them on camera for producers. This is because of their non-availability.
  • A producer’s session is a form of a casting session. It is mainly attended by the film or show producers that you are going out for.

Be well prepared

One of the common mistakes that most of the actors do is that they focus more on the part, rather than on the material. It is the later part that they should give importance to. To give your best in a performance it is very important to be mentally prepared and ready to give 100% with the available material.

Physically transforming your personality by wearing bright or crazy clothes will not just distract the audience, but also prove to be highly detrimental to the audition.

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Importance of Headshots

Your headshot is the first and the foremost thing that will be viewed by a casting director. It can sometimes get you a few credits too. A headshot acts as a reminder for the casting director to recollect his/her meeting. It is the snapshot of what an actor looks like.

It is all about an actor, his performance and the talent they bear that a casting director is hoping to see in them. Though headshots hold a significant place, the importance of your talent and passion can’t be underestimated.  It is through the collective contribution of all things that one gets the job.


It can become very stressful for you to impress a casting office to get rewarding opportunities. Keeping these important facts in mind would definitely help you enlighten and prepare for auditions.

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