For a wedding to be more meaningful, it is very much essential to pay attention to each and everyone who attends the party. Sometimes you may miss some people, since it is practically not possible to meet and greet everyone, and also you may not get feedback from everyone. To ease your task, there is something called as guest book, which can be used to collect the data and then make your wedding a grand success.

Sometimes even you may miss a gift from your dear and near ones, but the personal inscriptions mentioned in the guest book will surely make your wedding party a grand success. You may find a standard white book used to get the inscriptions of guests, but with the changing time, there are lots of choices available in the guest books as well.

You can select the guest books with your favourite color, shape and style. Simplest way to make these books as personalised ones is to affix your invitation to the cover. Second option is to emboss each and every page bottom portion with your monogram. When you go to a professional guest book seller or manufacturer you can even customise the design according to your size, style and shape.

You can use either paper or fabric to design the guest book and decorate the wedding guest book with the help of ribbon, which match the colors of your wedding decoration. Now, you are ready with the most stylish and personalised guest book to attract your guests.

Below mentioned are some of the tips that can be used to design or customise the guest book to suit your requirement:

  • Be it a store purchased guest book or your own make, one thing to give attention is the quality of paper used in the book. Make sure that thick and creamy papers are used which will attract the guests
  • Always make sure that you go for unlined papers, this will help your guests to express their feelings rather than simply signing
  • The design of guest book should really bring the hidden poet out of the guest writing the book, this will prove how much they really love you
  • You can also break the guest book into small cards and envelops which can be handed over to individuals, so as to guests to fill in them and hand over to you
  • Along with the book or small cards you need to provide the writing instrument as well. Perfect would be to hand over a heirloom fountain pen, which will add colors to the writings
  • Once done with the wedding party you can bind all the small cards and make a memorable album of the same

With this, now you should have understood all the important factors about the wedding reception guest books. To ease your guests in filling the book or cards you can even attach the pre printed questions which will surely attract the guests. Considering all these a guest book should become a part of your memorable moments.

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