Snap frames are the modernized version of traditional photo frames. They’re mostly used by companies and public provision but of late many households and small companies have started appreciating the benefits of snap frames. They’re used to promote and displaythe unique selling points of brands and to create a recognizable brand identity amongst consumers.

They are available in various sizes. People can choose according to theirown specific needs, personal preference and how the snap frame will be utilized so that they get exactly what they need.

Highlights and benefits

The highlights of snap frames include…

  • The ease and convenience of not having to remove the frames when replacing the posters and images
  • You onlyneed to unclip the aluminum snap frames, making them incredibly simple to utilize.

The benefits of snap frames…

  • These are budget friendly frames
  • They are used in exhibitions and at trade fairs
  • They are very clearly visible to the crowd
  • The frames look professional, which grabs your audiences attention

What should you be aware of while looking out for snap frames?

Basically, people tend to go for low cost frames to save money but they forget that this may very well cost them more in the future.  A cheap frame is usually made from bad quality plastics, so they tend to break very easily, which mean you’ll end up buying new frames over and over again. Those cheap frames will soon become very expensive!

Alternatively, quality frames have a much longer life span. You may be paying a bigger initial sum, but over time all those little but frequent payments on budget frames will add up and be more expensive. In addition, one needs to be very careful handling cheap products and it’ll be obvious to your audience if your frames aren’t up to scratch.

How can you make them last longer?

It is very important to take good care of snap frames to ensure they stay looking sharp and last a long time.

Snap frames accumulate dirt when displayed in the open, so it is wise to clean them regularly. If you ignore wiping the dirt and dust away it can weaken or spoil the frame. Just a gentle wipe over with a damp cloth will help the snap frame to shine and look new.

It is crucial to remember that snap frames can break if you don’t handle them correctly. When you’re changing your posters, be careful and don’t be too rough or you’ll damage the clips, making your frame useless.

New Changes and Development

Recently,two new kinds of frames were designed and are now available on the market – Opti frame and Standard snap frames.

Opti frames have eliminated the sharp edges. It has a one-piece molded back panel and can be hung on a wall. You can buy it at very reasonable prices.

A standard snap frame is designed for laminating A3 and A4 size paper. A laminated layer on the front waterproofs and protects the picture framed within.

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