In a recent survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it has been seen that by the end of 2018, there will be more than 28% growth in the demand for law clerk jobs in America. This means the job openings for law clerks are going to rise in the coming months and there is going to be a huge demand for qualified law clerks.

According to Ellery Gordon, a skilled law clerk professional who has worked with the R. Rex Parris Law firm, it is important for youngsters who wish to become law clerks to start preparing as early as possible, so that they can achieve all the necessary skills and qualities that are required for the job.

Who is a Law Clerk?

A law clerk is a person who helps judges and lawyers in courts, law firms and other types of law related institutions. For a person to become a law clerk, it is essential to complete the specially designed training needed to perform the law related tasks.

Legal field is one of the most complicated fields and changes keep happening in laws and procedures on a regular basis. In order to stay competitive, it is essential for a law clerk to be up-to-date with the latest changes and stay alert.

Job Requirements of a Law Clerk

Depending upon the law firm you are working for, there will be slight variations in the tasks performed by the law clerk. Preparing documents related to law, performing legal analysis and conducting research are the primary responsibilities of a law clerk.

It is the reasonability of law clerks to prepare initial drafts of cases that will be used as a case study by lawyers and judges. A law clerk is also assigned with the responsibility of assisting the lawyers and judges for preparing for the legal cases and to examine the various legal documents. An experienced law clerk will be asked to prepare documents like affidavits, petitions and legal complaints.

It is the sole responsibility of a law clerk working for a judge to help the judge in providing accurate information about the priority of cases and the status of each case. A law clerk also helps the judge with the translation of legal documents whenever necessary.

Before each hearing in the court, the law clerks has to make sure all the necessary equipments are present in the court for the smooth progress of the case. In some cases, a law clerk will also be required to act as a liaison between the judges / lawyers and clients.

Educational Qualification of a Law Clerk

For a person to apply for the post of law clerk, it is important for him or her to complete graduation in law. Most students who have successfully completed their graduation will have to undergo 1 year of study in a law school to be eligible for the job of a law clerk.

If you are planning to work as a law clerk under Federal law, it is essential that you complete law school before applying for the post of a law clerk. After completing graduation, aspiring students need to apply for LSAT. After clearing LSAT, they need to complete 3 years of law schooling. Once that is completed, it is important to gain some experience and exposure by going for judicial internship before joining a job as a law clerk.


If you are a student interested in taking up the job of a law clerk, then, the above given information will help you to move in the right direction.

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