Sage 100, or Sage MAS90 as many people like to call it, is a newer version of the MAS 90 accounting software interface. This new accounting software solution is designed to maximize your financial operations, and give you and your customers crucial data at your fingertips. The software should be part of your overall logistics planning, as it offers six key benefits to your business.

  1. Automates Customer Information

Nothing is better than having your customer information automated. With this dynamic software, all of your customer interface flows through the system automatically. This includes contact information, price quotes, orders, invoicing and payments. You can find out if Customer A received the quote he requested and placed his order by looking it up on your end. Your accounts payables and receivables are also updated.

  1. Comprehensive Inventory Management

Keep better track of your inventory with Sage 100. This accounting software handles more than accounting duties. It also gives you a comprehensive one-button source to see how much inventory you have, your incoming orders, your outgoing orders and your shipments. Should a customer wish to return a product, the inventory management portion of this software will process it and your sales staff will have pricing related to each customer at their fingertips.

  1. In Fact, Everything is at Everyone’s Fingertips

This software has powerful analytics built into it to give you and your personnel automated reporting. You also have a dashboard with quick snippets of information if you need to look something up while discussing business with a potential client. Everything is in the software, so you can keep track of how your business is doing quickly and easily. If the dashboard isn’t detailed enough, use the automated reporting feature to generate information on a regular basis.

  1. Make Everyone Else’s Lives Easier, Too

Alongside the analytics, dashboard and reporting features, Sage 100 can spit out contextual information that you can use to make everyone’s lives easier. This software can put tasks into context for you, which allows you to look at the whole picture and streamline workflow. As you know from your Business 101 class in college, a streamlined workflow is an efficient workflow, and the more efficient people are, the more productive they are.

  1. Customizable Software

Another beautiful thing about Sage 100 is it can be customized to your business. You might need add-on services for your operations, and this software has this capability. Whether you are in a unique industry, or you want to bring some outsourced accounting functions in-house, upgrading and customizing Sage is quick, easy safe. Sit down with your accounting, purchasing, and warehousing people and find out what they’d love their software to do.

  1. Financial Reporting and Archiving

Finally, Sage 100 can generate financial reports or statements. It can also keep track of inventory and warehouse information. That’s right, you will know exactly how much square footage you have total and available with this accounting software. It will retain data for 99 years, so you’ll be long retired before you need to sweep old records. Contact an expert to discuss what this program can do for your business.

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