Product Safety – Why It Plays an Important Role in Business

Products are one of the main things by which a business interacts with its customers. It is very important for a business to ensure that the product they are delivering is safe and quality checked. Better quality products help in building brand reputation, developing credibility and enhancing customer base of a business. To obtain all these benefits, a business needs to perform product safety screening.

What is screening of a product?

Product safety testis necessary to protect users from using commercially available personal care products, household/workplace products. Product safety screening equips veterinarians and physicians with critical treatment information in case of accidental poisoning of animals or people.

What is the need for screening of safety of products?

Consumers have the expectation that the type of products that they use in daily life is completely safe for them when used as per the instructions. Product manufacturing companies have a legal and moral duty to screen their products and safeguard consumers from any damage.

What type of safety screening is required by federal agencies?

There are mainly three different centralized government agencies that are accountable to ensure consumer safety. These are the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and the EPA or (Environmental Protection Agency).

Federal laws need that animals, environment and humans, are completely protected from any type of hazard causing products. There are specific tests mandated to perform those determinations.

Prior to a product getting sold to the customers, these agencies need that an elaborate information list about the hazards and safety of the product is collected. The data needed cannot be acquired or considered complete and adequate without screening of animal for assuring safety of product.

How does technology impact the procedure of product safety?

Technological advancements have radically lowered the necessity of animals to ensure safety of a product. Nowadays, computer simulations, tissue cultures and mathematical models are mostly used in basic screening of product safety.

Procedure to perform product safety screening

Researchers make use of several different types of methods, that includes non-animal systems such as tissue and cell cultures, computer models and mathematical models, clinical testing with volunteers and laboratory animals to ensure the best level of product safety.

Each kind of testing is interconnected and provides significant information to assist researchers in gathering together a comprehensive image of the protection of a product. Many firms market their product in the form of “cruelty free” label that indicates that the consumer product as well as ingredients is screened for safety by testing it on animal models.

Some ingredients of the product that have demonstrated verified safety record from prior animal screening need not be screened again. This “cruelty free” label doesn’t reveal that firms often recruit contractors to efficiently screen their manufactured product in animals.

Conclusion Product screening is an indispensable need of a business.  It offers efficient protection to the customers from any type of harm caused due to household/workplace or personal care products.

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