Common Car Stereo Issues And Ways To Solve Them

It is an easy task to install speakers in your car. But it is not an easy task to manage the speakers and operate them on a regular basis. You need to take care of the speakers and maintain them to ensure good performance and long life. There are numerous issues which might pop up like, sound being cut, distorted or in some cases not working.

Hence, you must be aware of the common issues related to your car audio speakers and must know about how you are supposed to deal with these problems.

Radio out of service

If the radio of your car is not working, there might be a problem with the power source of your car or through any part of the car from where the current passes. Wiring of the car is the major issue of such a problem. There might also be an issue with the fuse of the radio if it has been blown up due to over passage of current.

Solution: You must check the fuse of the car and get it replaced if it is blown up by the excess current. You must also re-check the wiring system of the stereo and make sure that there is no problem with it.

No bass

If there is a lack of bass in the speakers, there would be no fun in listening to the music from them. it can be due to the upgradation of the factory speakers or when they are being repaired or installed in to the system. For a good bass to occur, the speaker must push through the air.

Solution: Make sure to check that the speakers are properly connected to the wiring system and the positive unit is connected to the positive terminal and vice versa. You can also consider installing an external amplifier in the system for good bass.


The grounding system of the stereo plays an important part in the overall performance of the speaker. You must find a stable grounding for the current to flow from the wires. It might result in production of spotty sounds from the speaker. Or there might be no noise at all coming from the speaker.

Solution: You must get a more secure location for the wiring in order to stabilize this issue. If the stereo is not grounded properly, it might pick up with the vehicle’s alternator which would result in a whining or a continuous buzzing sound from the speaker as the power of the vehicle changes.


Hence, you must look towards all these problems related to the music system of your vehicle and take them seriously. It is better that you look after them in time or they might get worse and might spoil the entire system. You must make sure to have regular checks over the wiring system of the stereo and ensure there is not any loose point in it so that it does not result in any major problem ahead. 

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