All About Memphis’ Culture, Traditions, Places To Visit, And More You Should Know!

Memphis, as we know, is a wonderful city on Mississippi River located in the southwest Tennessee. While the life of Memphis is quite rich in almost all aspects, the culinary events top the list! It is of great attraction and interest for the city guests.

If you want to witness the amazing culture and events of this place at its fullest, then visit this city during May and embrace celebration of Memphis and high atmosphere of its festivity! Generally, all of the national holidays or day offs are accompanied with many entertaining and fun events. You can know more about it just by visiting

One of the most well known and significant city fest is undoubtedly annual festival that is referred to as Memphis in May. Let us explore more about this amazing fest in the following sections.

Memphis in May

This festival begins in early of May and its opening feature Beale Street Music Concerts. Beale Street is officially an established place for holding of this fest. There are huge stages that are placed around monument to hold great performances of various music bands.

In fact, visiting this festival can be a treat for the lovers of various music trends. Once the gala opening is made, then there comes the chance of different culinary and entertaining shows. One of the most remarkable and impressive events of this festival is barbecue cooking competition.

Chefs and culinary experts from across the world come to this fest to take part in culinary event. As a matter of fact, tasting of the gastronomy masterpieces happens right in the streets.

The city residents as well as guests usually spend outdoors in open air with their relatives and friends. Mostly all the local people get migrated to nearest gardens and parks for picnicking.

Cultural Sights of Memphis

Music lovers or fans from across the world arrive to this city for visiting Sun Studio where albums of legend were used to be recorded. When describing the story of Memphis’ music, the Graceland residence is ought to be mentioned. This house was once home of Elvis Presley. Today, this residence is reequipped into museum that keeps collection of wonderful onstage dresses, records, plates, private things, and so forth.

One must even visit Rock ‘n’ Soul museum. It offers an engaging and fun music excursion to its visitors. While entering this museum, visitors get headphones to enjoy showpieces while listening to the music.

Another exciting place to visit is Pinc Place Museum which is devoted to the natural science. You can find an array of odd showpieces like huge animated models of the prehistoric dinosaurs. It even features a large planetarium.

If you love adventure, then Beale Street can be a great place for you. You can go for hiking here since it hosts monument that commemorates Kind of Rock-and-Roll. Mississippi River Museum is another great landmark to visit.

Memphis is a city of music and remarkable events that happens all the year round. So, just pour your heart and soul while visiting this place and witness the most exciting culture of it!

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