Day Trips to Cinque Terre from Milan

In Italy, Cinque Terre is a coastal region. It means ‘Five Lands’. This area is cliffy but easy to access. It is a good one day tour destination from Milan. The place is popular for its terraced sceneries and five villages on the Cliffside.

  1. Monterosso al Mare
  2. Corniglia
  3. Vernazza
  4. Riomaggiore
  5. Manarola

UNESCO has listed Cinque Terre as Italy’s scenic gem. You can reach Cinque Terre from Milan by train, bus, or car. However, driving is not recommended because parking is very limited. From Milan you can drive to Monterosso, which is 227 km [3 hours] on main highways. As you move towards coast roads get narrower, curving, and making you slow down. Therefore you may take more time to reach a destination, which appears short on a map.

If you board a bus from Milan than it is a better option. It will take you as far as Pisa or Florence. From here you will need to board a train to reach Cinque Terre. Therefore it is wise to just hop on a train from Milan right from the start. This will save time and hassle on reaching the location. Milan-Monterosso leave frequently from Milan’s Centrale Station. However, each town has a station. You can even book tickets at some organized day tour to Cinque Terre from Milan.

How to experience Cinque Terre charms?

Hiking or trekking trails connecting all five towns is main attraction. They are all enclosed within the National Park. With Cinque Terre pass you can gain access to every trails at a discount. At the National Park enjoy the atmosphere, food, views, and people. However, the towns are jammed with tourists visiting Cinque Terre on a day trip due to shortage of time. 

Visitors with limited time can get an overview of the five lands joining a boat tour. You can join a half day or 2 ½ sunset cruise tour accompanied by multicourse Italian meal, snacks and drinks. If weather allows than several boat operators stop at the popular coves on the route for swim breaks. On a full day sailing trip, you can learn to snorkel or sail from the professional skippers.

Travellers even get booked at the 3 hour wine tours. The wine makers walk tourists walk uphill along the rows of grapes hanging in the vineyards. Imagine the lush terraced vineyards boasting bunches of juicy grapes. This beautiful view is set against sparkling Cobalt Sea. You get educated on the traditional way of how Italians make wine. You even get to see the huge historic wine cellars and sample the wines at a spectacular location.

Other things to do in Cinque Terre’s


Monterosso offers more options for souvenir shopping in comparison to the five towns. Pesto, wine, and olive oil are in great demand among tourists. There are several art shops and little boutique on smaller side streets.

Cooking class

Try Pesto making class [regional specialty] or traditional cooking class.

Go adventurous

If you are not a water person than kayak rentals are available. You can book a kayaking tour around Cinque Terre. Paragliding is also a good option here and photographers can enjoy capturing the most spectacular photos from top. During peak seasons, lots of young locals climb nearby cliffs and jump in the water. Try this dare and make it a highlight of your tour!

Actually, Cinque Terre is destination that needs a long stay. The destination is a relaxing getaway with lots of things to do, see, and experience. Visit to get detailed information about this dream destination. Make sure to book at least a one day coach trip to Cinque Terre from Milan. Soon, you will make sure to take some time off and getaway to this five town coastal paradise. 

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